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Top 5 iPhone Accessories for Winter


As Old Man Winter solidifies his grip on most of the country, it’s important to not just winterize yourself, your house and your car, but your gadgets as well. Here’s some of our favorite accessories to keep your iPhone looking cool as ice.

1. From ski bunnies to slalom experts, having some good tunes as you carve your way through backcountry runs or intermediate hills is always essential. For the skier in everyone, we recommend the Sporteer Armband. Nobody wants to lose their smartphone in an avalanche of snow, so keep your gadgets tied close to your body as you make your way back to the lodge. We gave extra points for the Sporteer Armband because it has extra room for cash, credit cards and keys to your locker.

Screen Shot 2013 01 23 at 3.14.42 PM

2.  Nobody wants to take their gloves off to snap a quick Instagram of a snowman or check the Web for school closings, so the Isotoner Smartouch Fleece Lined Gloves get our nod for an essential accessory pick. A conductive thread on the index finger and thumbs conveys an electrical impulse to your smartphone’s touchscreen. This product is a must-have for winter and is available in both men’s and women’s styles.

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3. We all know that the colder it is and the longer we use our smartphones outside, the shorter the battery life will be. A drained battery isn’t good if you’re out on the slopes or stuck in winter weather, especially in an emergency situation. If you forgot your charger, you’re really in deep; that’s why we’re recommending Juice Buddy’s iPhone charger that simply attaches to your keychain. The great thing about this device is that it can plug into a wall outlet or a USB 2.0 outlet, so it’s versatility gets major kudos from us. 

Screen Shot 2013 01 23 at 3.23.11 PM

4. We don’t usually recommend using any iPhone case or accessory to scrape ice off your car, but if we did, this would be it. The mophie Juice Pack PRO Case is a durable, rugged and impact-resistant case that “packs” a battery life punch as well. Sold with a rechargeable battery that can be set to charge or stand-by, it also has 4 LED indicators to let you know how much juice is left. Now if only these guys could protect our backsides after a slip on the ice.

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5. The iPhone has always been at the cutting edge of technology and fashion, but rarely do we see an accessory that blends the two like these Mod Spot Tech Earmuffs from Kate Spade. Keep your aural extremities cozy while you get your audio on.

Screen Shot 2013 01 23 at 3.29.23 PM

Mobile Rhino knows that even with all the latest accessories and gear to keep your iPhone winterized, there are situations that could put your phone into permanent hibernation mode. While there are alternatives to your mobile carrier’s warranty, they might leave you out in the cold. With Mobile Rhino’s six-point protection plan we have what you need to keep your iPhone insured and protected. Find out more at


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